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The Galaxy Getaways from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Can’t get enough of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Then you’ll be wanting to check out this interview of the film’s director James Gunn on KCRW’s radio show “The Treatment” with Elvis Mitchell. It’s the perfect length for your lunchtime listen today.

I’m also impressed with the three posters advertising a viral marketing site for Guardians of the Galaxy:

Fun in the suns? You got it! Book a trip to your favorite galactic destination today. Marvel has made three destinations available each with its own dedicated poster Knowhere, Morag, and Xandar.

Head to the viral marketing site set up as a galactic travel agency and explore. There are a couple fun games to play. I wish this had come out before the movie. Oh well, the posters are still cool. I’d love to have them hanging on my wall in my room if I were still a kid.