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Norway News Worried About Frozen Taking Over Country’s EPCOT Pavilion


Although it helped raise 30 millions at the beginning, it’s been years since sponsorship from Norway has contributed to the maintenance and development of the Norwegian pavilion that represents the country in EPCOT’s World Showcase. In fact, since it opened in 1988 only the first 14 years were paid for by the country.

There have been a few attempts since then to muster up support from various travel and tourism groups, but nothing has ever materialized. Considering Norway’s population is just over 5 million people and somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 million visit EPCOT each year, this amounts to a huge tourism benefit to Norway for free on Disney’s part.

Now, with the threat of Frozen taking over the pavilion’s main attraction, a new effort is afoot. Here’s a recent news story focused on the opportunity to revive Norway’s involvement in the pavilion. If you turn on captions, you can follow the gist of the story:

So, what do you think? Should Disney welcome back involvement from Norway, even if it means that Frozen will have to find a home elsewhere in the Walt Disney World Resort?

Frankly, I’d prefer that Frozen have a home at Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Technically, Frozen is set in Arendelle, not Norway. Although the designs are nordic inspired. But I think the animation art form is best celebrated in either Fantasyland or Hollywood Studios.