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Norway News Worried About Frozen Taking Over Country’s EPCOT Pavilion


Although it helped raise 30 millions at the beginning, it’s been years since sponsorship from Norway has contributed to the maintenance and development of the Norwegian pavilion that represents the country in EPCOT’s World Showcase. In fact, since it opened in 1988 only the first 14 years were paid for by the country.

There have been a few attempts since then to muster up support from various travel and tourism groups, but nothing has ever materialized. Considering Norway’s population is just over 5 million people and somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 million visit EPCOT each year, this amounts to a huge tourism benefit to Norway for free on Disney’s part.

Now, with the threat of Frozen taking over the pavilion’s main attraction, a new effort is afoot. Here’s a recent news story focused on the opportunity to revive Norway’s involvement in the pavilion. If you turn on captions, you can follow the gist of the story:

So, what do you think? Should Disney welcome back involvement from Norway, even if it means that Frozen will have to find a home elsewhere in the Walt Disney World Resort?

Frankly, I’d prefer that Frozen have a home at Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Technically, Frozen is set in Arendelle, not Norway. Although the designs are nordic inspired. But I think the animation art form is best celebrated in either Fantasyland or Hollywood Studios.

12 thoughts on “Norway News Worried About Frozen Taking Over Country’s EPCOT Pavilion”

  1. I thinks it’s great the folks from Norway want to step up, finally. As you said, move Frozen to MK or MGM, and lock Norway into a long term contract for support. I’m not sure what a penalty for Norway would look like (should they break the contract).

    The other idea would be to validate the number of tourists who saw the Norway pavilion and had it play a part in their decision to travel to Norway. His may also increase support by the home country.

    I have often wondered about the effectiveness of the attraction driving revenue to the home country.

    1. Norway has wanted to step up for a while now, Disney has been less than interested. Norway even commissioned a new film for the pavilion about five years ago and offered it to Disney with no interest shown.

      1. I read that Norway did offer up its own updated film that was shot for its own tourism purposes (not specifically for the pavilion). This was in response to Disney’s request that Norway fund a Disney-produced update for the film in the pavilion (source is Innovation Norway blog, written by Innovation Norway’s Travel Director)

  2. I think that Frozen has no place in Epcot. The world Showcase is supposed to be just that, not a Fantasy World showcase. I’d like to see Norway reinvest in Epcot and I’d LOVE to see other countries brought into the fold to increase the number of pavilions (a man can dream can’t he?)

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I hope they leave Norway Pavilion Frozen-free, for an honest to goodness refurbishment of Maelstrom to take place, and for Disney to allow Norway to invest in the Pavilion to really make it stand out.

  3. Keep Norway actually Norwegian. The ideas I’ve heard through son articles from Norway seem really cool, new and fun for the pavilion.

    I think, if you want the Harry Potter sized numbers, you do the Star Wars land at DHS and an Arendelle land.

  4. How Blizzard Beach hasn’t been re-themed as Arendelle already is beyond me. Snow in the summer, etc. Kids would absolutely demand that their parents spend the extra money.

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  6. Agree with everything. The wonderful World Showcase is not the place for Frozen. Apart from anything, it would ruin Epcot – with all those children! ;-) Disney needs to ask: What would Walt do? Not this, I bet you.

  7. The only place Frozen should be is Magic Kingdom! It’s for kids, if not MK then Hollywood Studios. The world show case is geared for adults, yes there are some things that teens really like but do you really think small children would enjoy walking around during food and wine Fest. NO.
    Please Disney make sure Norway stays as it is, I’ve always enjoyed going on the ride and hearing about the country, not something about a kids movie!

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