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Newly Refurbed Alice In Wonderland is Unveiled


After issues from OSHA, a crappy tarp and weird railings adding “protection” and a multi-month closure, Disneyland’s Alice In Wonderland has reopened and it is gorgeous. Not only has the new second level received a nice compromise, but the meat of the attraction has also received some fantastic new additions. Check out the new redo¬†below.

The use of screens is seamlessly intertwined with the new and old animatronics, and the small projections across the ride (like the red paint splatters) just add another level of detail that is welcome for this classic Fantasyland attraction.

This is, supposedly, the treatment all Disneyland Fantasyland attractions will be receiving (PRAISE!), so which one would you like to see tackled next? Personally, I feel like they could do a lot of fun additions to Pinocchio.

Let me know which attraction you’d like to see redone next in the comments below!

(video courtesy TouringPlans)

3 thoughts on “Newly Refurbed Alice In Wonderland is Unveiled”

  1. I would say Snow White and it would be great if they could find a way to make it a little longer so that there can be a real ending.

    But really all of the dark rides could use these kinds of enhancements.

  2. It’s been several years since I last rode Alice. It looks like the ride is brand new. The new and old are nicely interwoven so you can’t tell what is new or old. Good job!

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