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Star Wars Mashup Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Style

Screenshot 2014-06-22 at 5.53.26 PM

Someone took footage from the original Star Wars trilogy and made a modern movie style trailer featuring music and story beats from the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers. The result is modern day vintage awesome:

It’s going to be weird seeing that Disney logo on the new Star Wars films, isn’t it?

1 thought on “Star Wars Mashup Trailer – Guardians of the Galaxy Style”

  1. I agree. It bugs me how the company constantly uses a non-possessive form in numerous titles nowadays. Even Dreamworks and Blue Sky Studios have gotten into the habit of this, the latter starting with Epic.

    I always thought a title looked cooler with “Disney’s” above it while a title with just the name “Disney” placed on top looked dumb.

    Example: Disney Fantasia = hmmph, Disney’s Fantasia = HMMMM!

    But with Disney and Pixar, I still make an exception.

    The folks at Relativity seem to be going the right way with their title “Earth to Echo.”

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