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Magic Kingdom Central Plaza Construction Update – May 2014


The central plaza, or hub, at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is undergoing a significant update. The updated core of the park will have more of a garden like setting, with ample walking space to navigate around parades and shows, more outdoor dining seating, plus special viewing areas for fireworks and more.

Since our previous update, Disney has added dams to the moat allowing water to remain in part of the moat while construction continues in the other. This footage was taken about a week ago:

So far, they appear to be focusing on a small area of the hub and making as few changes as possible to accomplish the widening of the bridge from Main Street USA to the Castle Plaza. Disney did announce that the plan is to finish the project in small chunks over time. So patience will be required to see this through to completion.

Are you looking forward to better navigation options around the parade?

1 thought on “Magic Kingdom Central Plaza Construction Update – May 2014”

  1. I’m excited to see the final result. Right now I try to avoid the central plaza at all costs, so it’ll be nice to finally be able to walk around and enjoy the scenery there.

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