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Finally getting to the Cronut at EPCOT

The delectable cronut.

The delectable cronut.

The Croissant Doughnut (aka Cronut) is a recent addition to the list of delicious treats at EPCOT. It reminds me very much of the Beaver Tails (I knew them as Elephant Ears growing up in PDX) they used to serve in Canada, only shaped like a donut, not flat like an tail or ear. The cronut has the multilayered flaky-ness of a croissant, but is fried and covered in a cinnamon sugar mixture. I was finally able to sample my first one yesterday.

This is actually a bit of a sad (sob?) story. As you may or may not realize, The Disney Blog does not pay the bills around here. (I’m not complaining because it does pay for my Disney habit, which, as you know can be expensive, and gets me invited to some cool events.) I do have a regular full-time job, which I lost a few months ago (the company decided to go a different direction, so they said). On the day I got the word, I had already made plans to visit EPCOT and try the aforementioned Croissant Doughnut. But I didn’t want to let the bad taste of being suddenly unemployed after my recent hospital stay spoil the occasion. I decided to wait until I landed a new position before sampling what I was sure would be a delicious treat.

I’m happy to say, I start my new position on Monday. Alas, I’ll be out of town for training, so I went to EPCOT yesterday to complete the loop. Here’s the short video I made of my celebratory, and first ever, Cronut!

The verdict? Delicious yummy stuff. I could eat a dozen of them. They’re definitely better when they’re hot out of the oven. Maybe Disney needs to install a ‘Hot Fresh Now’ sign like at Krispy Kreme? or send out a tweet!

I celebrated my new job with a cronut, what sort of celebrations have you had while on your Disney vacation?