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Frozen Co-Director Chris Buck on Bringing Movie to Life


Trevor Hogg over at Flickering Myth is back with another insightful look at the inner workings of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Fans of Disney’s Frozen will want to read his interview with co-directory Chris Buck about the creation of the animated musical.

I knew the movie had a long and interesting story development, but details like this are fun to learn:

Adapting the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale The Snow Queen about a royal who casts an icy spell and a young woman who attempts to break it began in 2008 when Buck pitched his version to Disney. “There were two female protagonists. We were always trying to get these two together and Elsa [Indina Menzel] was more of a villain at the time too. It wasn’t until someone asked, ‘What if they were sisters?’ Suddenly everybody could wrap their heads around the emotion of the story and how do you take these two people who have a problem and split them up? If they’re family it just made the movie so much stronger and emotional.”

Read the rest of the interview and let us know what you found most interesting about Frozen’s development as a movie.

1 thought on “Frozen Co-Director Chris Buck on Bringing Movie to Life”

  1. Who ever asked the question “what if they were sisters?” is a genius. Same goes to the person who came up with the idea of elsa being good. Those 2 points made this movie 1 of, or if not the greatest animated movies of all time.

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