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Instapic: There’s gold in them there hills.

from Instagram

Although ostensibly it was to expand the smoking area, the recent upgrade to the old canoes queue and dock looks really nice. They used to do a cute little ‘pan for gold’ activity in this area, these gold nuggets look more permanent, so that may be out. But there are a lot of little touches that make this a nice area to hang out in while waiting for riders to exit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

There’s even a boat house with a checkers game and, if you look close, tie-ins to Tom Sawyer island.



Just a few of the details Disney is so famous for. Now, only if they could do something about all that cigarette smoke.

1 thought on “Instapic: There’s gold in them there hills.”

  1. I wish Disney would do something about the smoking, too. :/ I mean, their creator died of cancer, I would think they’d want to pressure down on the risk for guests.

    But then again a ton of people smoke and wouldn’t want to go to Disney if there were no smoking areas at all, and Disney mainly cares about money now, so they’re gonna try to accommodate for smoking…

    Plus I’d be kind of sad if they eliminated the smoking areas because we can’t go without my dad and he won’t stop smoking anywhere. I’d really miss it if he made us not go just cuz of that. I’m one of the biggest Walt Disney nerds out there, so you can imagine the effect on me if I was denied the chance to go just on the basis of my dad being unwilling to give up a few cigarettes…

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