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Diagon Alley – Harry Potter Photo Update from Universal Orlando


After Comcast’s CEO made it clear yesterday that Universal plans to challenge Disney for a larger slice of the Orlando travel market, it makes sense to check in on the progress of Universal Orlando’s next salvo in the theme park wars – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley expansion.

It’s 2014. At some point this year, Universal plans to open Diagon Alley to teems of Harry Potter fans young and old. They’re definitely making progress.

The London facade that faces into the park is absolutely huge. You can’t even see much of the Diagon Alley area beind those walls, but it’s big too. But the real giant of the bunch is the show building for the Gringott’s bank attraction. That will disappear behind theming, I hope, although you can see a little bit of it poking through right now.

Follow below the jump for many more photos:

Looking at the London area, Kings Cross station is on the left, Leicester Square is the colorful buildings to the right of the station. Grimmauld Place, the hidden building from the Order of the Phoenix book and movie, has been revealed completely. It does look like that backstage area will eventually get a facade hiding it from public view too.

So what do you think of the progress so far? I can’t wait to find my way into the wizarding world and see what an amazing job Universal’s creative team has done this time.

Oh yeah, one more bonus. Check out the twitter account @AmusementLeaks. They’ve been sharing some amazing blueprints of the Diagon Alley expansion project.

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