Nothing brings in the new year quite like a brand new set of 2014 Disney Parks pins! Whether you’re a longtime collector looking to add to your stash or a newbie ready to jump on the pin bandwagon, there will be something for everyone this year.

pins-spectro-2014In 2014 we will see monthly and quarterly releases of the new pins, as well as a few surprise releases scattered throughout the year. One of the monthly releases this year will be the Piece of Disney History collection, featuring actual pieces culled from the SpectroMagic parade for Disney World and items from attractions for Disneyland Resort. Other monthly releases will include the scented “Eau de Magique” pins, which will be available at both Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, and the “Funny Business” collection just for the Disneyland guests. The quarterly releases at Disney World will include the “Keyhole Characters,” and for Disneyland the “Ink and Paint Collection” will be available.

The two surprise releases will be a “Mechanical Kingdom” pin collection for Disney World, and a classical character in a musical scene is the inspiration for the Disneyland collection. This is just a quick peek at some of the newest pins for the new year, and you can check out the Disney Pins website for a complete list of the arriving 2014 pins and their release dates.

Will you be stocking up on pins in 2014? Are you still involved in Disney pin trading or do you just buy the ones you like?


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