Pixar Creates ‘Toy Story Nutcracker’ for ‘World of Color—Winter Dreams’


“World of Color—Winter Dreams,” the holiday version of Disney’s spectacular nighttime show “World of Color,” has arrived in Disney California Adventure Park and will be showing until January 6th, so there’s still time to get out there and see it. The show will be hosted by Olaf, the adorable snowman from “Frozen,” and one of the highlights will be Pixar’s Toy Story Nutcracker segment.

In the mini show, everyone’s favorite toys will dance and perform in a parody of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” directed and arranged by Woody. The performance will feature the characters in several hilarious scenes, from Woody and Jessie dancing to their western version of the “Russian Dance” to Rex in his tutu continuously creating problems for the little green aliens, which was inspired by the mushroom scene in “Fantasia.”

I like the fact that Pixar is expanding their reach beyond full-length films with Toy Story of Terror and now Toy Story Nutcracker, because it’s fun to see these characters beyond the big screen. Now if only Pixar would continue this trend with their other beloved movie characters…

Haven’t been able to make it to see World of Color — Winter Dreams in person, me neither, but thanks to Attractions Magazine, we can watch the whole thing on Youtube. So pour yourself a nice cup of joe and follow us below the jump:

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2 thoughts on “Pixar Creates ‘Toy Story Nutcracker’ for ‘World of Color—Winter Dreams’”

  1. My favorite part of this new show was that they used the great song arrangements and lyrics from the old Mickey’s Nutcracker stage show they had in the Fantasyland Theater in the 90s. In my family we wore out our vhs copy that we had recorded from the Disney Channel, since we watched it every year. I really wish they would bring that show back with the animated character heads, but including the songs in Winter Dreams will tide me over until that happens. ;-)

  2. I hate to say it but I found Winter Dreams to be incredibly boring. We had to choose between snow at Disneyland fireworks or Elsa at World of COlor and the kids picked Elsa. Bug mistake.

    The Elsa scene was as fantastic as expected but Unlike the regular show which had a variety of themes, pyrotechnics and characters, Winter Dreams was full of very VERY slow holiday songs and lacked any gripping moments. I had to literally shake the kids awake several times but they kept falling asleep. And that includes during Toy Story.

    It’s a shame because I’ve been hoping for a new WOC for years but they really didn’t do a good job with this and I hope it doesn’t come back. (But I’m fully okay with them putting the Elsa scene in the regular show.)

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