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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Disney Animation Presents

Well Ho Ho Ho there! It’s time for round 2 of my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, this time featuring gifts for that animation fan in your life. Remember, each guide includes 5 items and a Toys for Tots item, something cheap that can be put into a donation box at your local grocery store to brighten a child’s day. Here we go!


1~ The Art of Brave– This Pixar film did get some mixed reviews from critics and fans, but everyone agreed that the animation was incredibly beautiful. This stunning book chronicles every detail that was put into making this gorgeous film. Some may call it a “coffee table book,” but any Disney animation fan will read it for hours on end. This can be purchased here.

2~ Waking Sleeping Beauty– If you have not seen this movie, you need to stop what you are doing and watch. This amazingly in-depth, no holds barred documentary chronicles the studios’ journey through the Second Golden Age of Animation. This is necessary viewing for any Disney fan. You can purchase it here.

3~ Tinkerbell sketch iPhone case– I featured the site last year and I am still obsessed with it. This year while searching Disney, I came across this and thought it was such a unique phone case design. You can get the Tinkerbell case here, but don’t be afraid to just search “Disney” and see what tickles your fancy!

4~ Hercules Soundtrack– You might be thinking “This is a decade old movie, why would you feature the soundtrack?” Well, I think Hercules is an incredibly underrated Disney film, in fact, it is my favorite. The gospel influences on the CD make the film so special. If you have forgotten about the film, I highly recommend giving the soundtrack (and movie) another chance. You can get the CD here.

5~ POP Dumbo figure– Dumbo is a fantastic Disney film, my favorite of the Walt-era, so seeing when new artists take these films and create new looks for them brings me joy. The Funko POP series has some great Disney figures, but this Dumbo one takes the cake for being so adorable. For any collector, I suggest starting up a POP collection, starting with Dumbo, which can be bought here.

Toys for Tots~ Princess Anna Doll– This doll is straight from the new Frozen film that is sure to become a Disney classic. This is a relatively cheap (about $14) gift that can be put into the Toys for Tots bin at your local grocery store that is not only topical (the movie is super new for goodness sake!), it is also cute and fun. You can purchase it here.

And there you have it! Let me know your thoughts and what other themes you would like to see. Until next time…Happy Holidays!