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SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica Teases Something Tall


SeaWorld Olrando’s Aquatica opened in 2008 and expanded with a funnel slide in 2010, since then it’s been floating along doing a respectible job as one of the top 10 water parks in the US. Now there are signs that a new attraction is on the horizon.

Sharp-eyed observers may have spotted a height-test balloon, similar to the one in the attached image, over Aquatica. This type of balloon is commonly used by theme parks to check sight lines for new attractions.

SeaWorld was sure to make the point that the balloon was more than 100 feet high. Which means something tall is coming to Aquatica Orlando in 2014. Although designers haven’t shared details of the new attraction, they confirm it will be the tallest water thrill ride of its type in Orlando.

Are you a water park thrill junkie? What type of attraction would you like to see?