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Dick Van Dyke Escapes Burning Car on LA Freeway

Around 2pm today Los Angeles time, there were reports of a car on fire on the 101 Freeway just outside of LA. The white Jaguar turns out to have belonged to none other than Dick Van Dyke. Van Dyke had pulled over after apparently noticing some smoke and then was helped out of his car by a passerby as the engine caught fire. The car was a total loss, but thankfully everyone was uninjured.

Arlene Van Dyke, Dick’s wife, showed up later to give Dick a ride and posted this Vine of the scene.

The Mary Poppins star is 87 years old, still active, and proof that laughter keeps you young. He had been suffering from a neurological problem, but recently discovered that his titanium dental implants were the culprit and is now recovered. Here’s to many more years of humor from Van Dyke, although perhaps he should hire a driver.

2 thoughts on “Dick Van Dyke Escapes Burning Car on LA Freeway”

  1. He had good humor about it- his latest tweet “Used Jag for sale- CHEAP” with a pic
    (you can pull it up by clicking on the @iammrvandy in his wife’s tweet above)

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