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Interview with Former 70s Mouseketeer Lisa Whelchel who Returned to Disney World


I am a child of the 70s, which means the “Mickey Mouse Club” with bright clothes, bellbottoms and velour shirts was my “Mickey Mouse Club.” Among that group was a teenage Lisa Whelchel. She went on to have a short but very high profile Hollywood career with her biggest role as Blair in “The Facts of Life.” When I lived in Toluca Lake, Whelchel had a nice house down the street and would often be seen walking about, usually with her two young kids. Lately, she became an author, survived some personal challenges, and then joined CBS’ popular reality TV show Survivor where she placed second after a very rough start.

She recently visited Walt Disney World with her family for her 50th birthday celebration. Disney posted this interview where she talks about her career, family, and her “favorite job ever”, plus you get to see a few clips and memorabilia from her days as a Mouseketeer.

Want to catch up with Whelchel’s latest endeavors, visit her website. Anyone else remember the 70s-era Mickey Mouse Club?