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Walt Disney World Roadtrip Tips

We are developing something of a roadtrip theme on the blog today. After reading the post about the Griswold’s you may want to organize your own family road trip. Blogger Sarah of Sweet Lil You did and has created this video with great tips for any family who want to hit the road on the way to Walt Disney World.

1.) Make sure you have your toll money set aside. You can check online to find what the tolls are along your route (via the state thruway departments) or have singles and quarters readily available. Put the money in a spot that is easy to access so you’re not frantically hunting for it as you approach the toll both.

2.) Pack your kiddos favorite stuffed animal, blanket or other “lovie” I know Avery sleeps better when she has something from home, and I know a lot of little ones who can’t be away from their favorite Teddy bear or blankie. The last thing you want is a total meltdown when you stop at a hotel for the night (at midnight…after driving for 10 hours…)

See the full list on Sarah’s blog.

What are your road trip tips?