Rumor Mill: Imagination Pavilion closing entirely in 2014?


I came across this rumor recently (thanks to “The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia” Facebook page) regarding the glass pyramids of Future World. Supposedly, the entire Imagination pavilion will close on Jan. 2nd 2014.

The rumor states that Captain EO will close for good, but the store and ride would be closed for 1 year for extensive renovations.

I read this and went…WHAT?! DAK is getting Avatar, MK received New Fantasyland and DHS is rumored to be getting either Cars Land, Star Wars land or both; Now Epcot is stepping up to the plate for a redo of some of its existing attractions, if this rumor turns out to be true.

The biggest thing that peaks my interest is the complete shutting down of the theater. Would this be made into a store so the current location can become track? Will the rumored Dr. Doofenshmirtz/Phineas and Ferb concept be put into this building? Will Figment even remain on the ride? Will the second floor actually be utilized again? So many possibilities can come from this.

When this could possibly be announced, if true, is also up in the air as Disney Parks and Resorts has pretty much told everyone to expect NO announcements at the Expo this year, just history.

What do you think about this rumor? What would you like to see done in this location? If the upside waterfall is removed, will you be as ticked as me? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

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13 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Imagination Pavilion closing entirely in 2014?”

  1. After MK gets New Fantasyland, AK gets a much needed expansion of Avatarland, and if the rumor mill is true and HS gets both Cars Land and Star Wars Land then Epcot is more than due for some updates. Though Test Track has gotten an update, other pavilions are up for some TLC. I am looking at Universe of Energy and Imagination! in particular. Universe of Energy is nearing 20 years old and I think it is time for a fresh update even though Ellen is still in the public eye. Imagination is due for a greater overhaul. If they are unable to come up with an attractive 3-D or 4-D show for their theatre, then maybe it should become a store or something else. I think they need to utilize the entire space of the Imagination! pavilion.

  2. While I love Phineas and Ferb, I’m not sure they have the staying power to continue to draw people to that corner of the park with a permanent attraction.
    I’d love to see something developed around the combination of imagination and technology (Tron’s Grid perhaps)

  3. I saw this same thing yesterday as well. What’s putting 1+1 together for me is that in a recent Season Pass Podcast Jerry Rees of Cranium Command, Cinemagique. Back to Neverland fame spoke of working on some project in Epcot that would come out in the next year or so. Cinematically, I’ve heard rumors on updates to Norway and Soarin’. But neither really requires the kind of writing skill Rees brings to the table. Could it be Energy? Yes…but I hope it’s Imagination.

  4. This could be good and bad. I agree the area needs improvemnts, but I really don’t want to lose Figment. I think they really need to keep the focus on Imagination. I think Figment should be updated, NOT replaced by Phineas & Ferb. Kids today have NO imagination. If there is not an electronic device flashing in front of them they are bored. Put the money they have to change to Phineas & Ferb and re – IMAGINE Figment and focus on teaching kids to use their imagination.

  5. A big question is, do they have a corporate sponsor lined up? My understanding was that just about everything in EPCOT was tied to funding by sponsors. In fact, the small-scale overhaul of the original ride was due in part to Kodak’s hard times.

  6. I think that Phineas and Ferb is perfect for the imagination! and I love Phineas and Ferb!

  7. If you want imagination and not kids just tinkering with gadgets; PHINEAS & FERB are just what you need. The whole idea of their show is using their imagination and being outside creating new things. They are what we wish for for our kids to do in summer–mine included.

    I am hopeful for some kind of crossover: as they are doing with MARVEL and STAR WARS now. The creators of P & F, who are excellent writers (witty, creative, pop-culture references galore, etc), would do a great job of integrating FIGMENT and perhaps even DREAMFINDER with P & F. I can hear PHINEAS now…we would love to work with the creator of “REAL IMAGINATION”.

    Plus, the film could be PERRY/DOOFENSCHMIRTZ related, and the 2nd floor could be an IMAGINATION lab with P & F creations and some DOOF “___inators”. If you do not know what that means, watch this fantastic show.

    I am hopeful.

  8. I see this as potentially good news. The pavilion is in desperate need of updating; the fact that the second floor has been closed for the past 15 years is just awful. The ride, while fun, is a pale shadow of what it used to be. And Captain EO — better than Honey I Shrunk the Audience — is quite outdated.

    If they can get a really great new attraction into the theater, that would be a fantastic update to the pavilion. If they could re-do the ride and somehow incorporate the second floor into the experience, that would be even better. The only thing I’d REALLY want is to keep Figment and return the Dreamfinder to the ride in some way.

  9. Some video I saw from D23, they were using One LIttle Spark.
    Iger was standing right there when Tony Baxter received his Legend and mentioned it.
    Here’s hoping they return it back to the original!

  10. Captain EO is timeless, period. High Definition CG and visual effects can only go so Farr. EO brings classic/vintage cinematography, choreography and fun theatrics that don’t ever get old! Not everything has to look like Transformers or Avatar to be relevant or current. Captain EO deserves to stay in EPCOT for years o come!!

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