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Celebrating 9 Years of The Disney Blog


In June of 2004 we had just made the decision to move to Orlando from the Las Vegas area where we had bought a house more than four years prior. In the time since we put the 1st deposit on the home, the Dot-Com bubble burst lowering my job opportunities, 9/11 happened and nearly put a nail in the local economy, then we were struck by a drunk driver. That was three strikes and a clear signal we needed to move.

I had been keeping an online journal, now called a weblog, in one form or another since 1998 and had started another blog to track our home sale and move. I had also been writing for since helping it launch in August 1999. So when I looked online and found no one blogging about the Walt Disney Company, I knew I had a niche I could fill. I was even able to secure this great domain name.

Nine years is a long time for a blog. Heck, the only things I’ve done for a longer period of time with as much dedication and purpose in my life is my wonderful marriage and raising our son. I’m looking forward to a lifetime more of all three.

I wouldn’t be able to sustain a blog for this long if it didn’t have great readers and excellent guest bloggers. a huge thank you to everyone who had played a role in its success.

As The Disney Blog embarks on its 10th year I look forward to completing a few big projects. Among them is the printing of Dispatch From Disneyland (which has been delayed while legal issues were sorted out, but now has a green light to proceed) and another attempt a opening a place for The Disney Blog community to share & discuss their love of the mouse. There are other plans in the hopper too.

What I’d like to hear from you is how you found The Disney Blog, how long you’ve been reading and what you’d like to see more of. In the end we owe all of this to one man and his dream. So lastly let me say “Thank You Walt” you’ve made a billion dreams come true.