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The Top Ten Most Common Disney Questions I Get.

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Whether you’re a Disney blogger, a travel agent, or a super fan who helps friends plan their Disney vacations, you hear the same questions over and over again.  Some are funny, some  are a little maddening, but as your teachers used to tell you in school, the only dumb question is one you don’t ask. While that may be debatable, here are some of the most common ones I hear:

10. Can I get a refund for my unused park days?

No. This is why you should buy the least amount of days you’ll need, since you can (almost) always add days but you can’t take away days.

9. Can I pool hop?

Non-DVC (Disney Vacation Club) guests may not pool hop. You may only use the pool at your own resort.  DVC owners may pool hop with some limitations.

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8.  Do I have to stay on Disney property to get the dining plan?

Believe it or not, I get this question all the time.  Yes, you must be a resort guest.  The dining plan is considered a benefit of staying on property.


7.  Does my kid need a stroller?

Want to start an argument on a Disney message board? Ask this question.  While you’ll get many opinions, as a general rule kids five and under may benefit from having a stroller, as well some slightly older kids who have special physical or emotional needs. Base your decision on your individual child’s needs and don’t feel pressured by anyone else’s opinion on the matter.  You know your child best.

6.  Can my child be in the parade?

Another common question. A child has an important accomplishment and the parent would like that recognized. Understandable, but unfortunately,  it’s just not practical to honor every request.  If you see children in the parade, most often they are part of Make-A-Wish or some other program.

5.  Which monorail is faster, the resort or the express?

While the resort monorail makes more stops, as opposed to the direct route, lines for the express monorail are often longer making the resort monorail a faster trip. Judge by how long the lines for both are and decide from there. Since people are drawn to the word “Express,” that line is often much longer.

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4. My brother (uncle, mom, second cousin twice removed) is coming down for three days during our seven-night trip. Can he just stay in the room?

Disney room occupancy rates are based on fire codes which in turn reflect the number of people the room can comfortably sleep. True, you can get seven college students into a value room (this isn’t recommended) but you’re not going to be very comfortable doing so. If you don’t officially add Cousin Orville to the room, he won’t be able to use the dining plan, Magical Express, or even Extra Magic Hours. While it’s tempting, it’s probably easier in the long run and worth every penny to get him his own room. Besides, we all know he takes forever in the bathroom.

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3. What about those discount ticket sellers off property? Are they legit?

In a word, no.  While you can buy slightly discounted tickets from authorized ticket brokers, these are not the type of businesses that populate small roadside shacks on Highway 192. Be wary of any vendor with a price that is too good to be true since Disney tightly controls ticket prices. Plenty of visitors have shown up at the park only to find out too late that they’ve been scammed.

2. Is there a discount for senior citizens?

Disney’s official answer on this: Everyone is a kid at Disney, so there are no senior citizen discounts.

1.  Can I use an extra day on my ticket to park hop?

Ahh, the eternal question. Sorry, no. Base tickets only allow you to visit one park per day. A Disney “day” lasts from the first park opening until the last park closes. So even if you spent the day in the Magic Kingdom and you’re going to Epcot after midnight, it’s still the same park day.

One of the great things about this job is that the hardest questions teach you something, so if you have any good ones, please ask them in the comments. Or, if someone has asked you an especially funny or interesting question, please pass it on here.

21 thoughts on “The Top Ten Most Common Disney Questions I Get.”

  1. What’s the deal with Spider-Man? Obviously he’s spinning webs at Universal, but now Disney owns him and the rest of the Marvel gang. What will happen to Super Hero Island at Universal? Is there any movement toward a Spider-Man attraction anywhere at Disney World?

    1. Yes, Disney owns Marvel; however, when it comes to Universal in Florida, Universal still has rights to Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor “in a theme park setting within a 250 mile radius of Universal’s Islands of Adventure”. I’ve also heard that as long as Universal keeps Super hero island, they willl be able to use the Marvel characters, but if they wanted to add anything new/update they would not be able to.

  2. My favorite question came from my then-7-year-old: We were at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom – where all of the Mickey-shaped stones are with the names of folks who bought the privilege – and he asked, “Is this where all of the other mice are buried?” So? Is it? ;)

    I was amazed at how some folks respond when you recommend a stroller! That cracked me up! Good thing I couldn’t care less what other people think. :)

    1. I love your son’s question, now every time I walk on those stones, I will think of all those ‘buried’ mice.

  3. As to the stroller question, most people average 12-14 miles of walking per day at the parks. We recently got back from Disney World with a 4 yo and averaged around 7 leisurely miles per day with a stroller (we were able to spend more time in smaller parts of the parks). I’d consider that when making your decision, whether it be how much your kid can realistically walk and how much you don’t mind carrying them. :)

    1. We used one for the twins in January and they definitely needed it. They were five. Mainly, they needed it going in and out of the parks and it was certainly easier for me. I totally agree with your take on it.

  4. The first time my parents took my brother and I to WDW was in 1993 when my brother was three years old. It was our first trip in an airplane and the morning of the big day my brother woke up and asked my parents, “Is Disney World in the sky? Why do we have to take an airplane to get there?” :)

  5. I would have been astonished if the Park Hopper question wasn’t on here. I see that question on forums at least a few times a week.

    @Gary: No Marvel characters at WDW. Universal has the rights locked up pretty tight. The only way they are gonna lose them is if they give them up.

  6. I know you have to stay on property to get the dining plan. If you stay at one of the Park DVC resorts as part of another company’s time share, but are not part of the DVC, can you still get the dining plan?

    1. Probably–if it’s DVC it doesn’t really matter who “owns” it or even if you’ve booked it through RCI. You can usually add it but you’ll want to contact whoever is managing the stay–more than likely they’ll have to contact DVC.

  7. My favorite question came a few weeks ago while on the resort line monorail. I overheard someone say “What theme is the Polynesian?” I was speechless.

  8. My favorite question so far that I’ve ever been asked was “What is this Mulch Sweat and Shears thing?” Not because of the question, but because after hearing the explanation, she said, “Oh. I was hoping it was Harry Potter.”

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