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L’Artisan des Glaces Now Serving Deliciousness in EPCOT’s France

You have a new place to satisfy your sweet tooth in EPCOT. L’Artisan des Glaces is a new artisan ice cream and sorbet shop in the France pavilion. It features 16 yummy flavors, all made in-house with fresh ingredients. For grown-up tastes, you can even ask for a shot of liquor on top – served in a martini glass.

The entrance is on a ramp that leads into the old bakery door.

Some more new signage in the area.

A French Country theme has been added inside. The footprint is roughly the same as the old bakery.

Prices aren’t absurd for artisan ice cream. But it’s not cheap either, especially if you want a dash of the good stuff.

These were the flavors on the day I was there.

Each is a small batch scooped by hand for each order.

Each scoop was roughly tennis ball size (maybe a bit smaller).

I tried the Coco-White Chocolate and Coffee ice cream. The coconut was pleasantly toasted and the white chocolate rich. The flavors are not the ‘explode in your mouth’ variety you’ll find normal ice cream, but rather were more subtle and smooth.