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Tom Staggs Presents MyMagic+ to Technology Conference

That's Tom on the right

That’s Tom on the right

If you’ve been following this blog closely, then you know quite a bit more about the Next-Gen MyMagic+ program Walt Disney World is expected to be rolling out soon – no one quite knows when, it keeps getting delayed as Disney makes adjustments based on what it learns in testing.

But it is interesting to see how Disney is presenting the next-gen to the public. Does really believe this to be a game changer for the parks or just an iterative improvement over what the park offers today? Is it something they expect all guests to use, or just those who are heavy planners?

At the All Things Digital D11 Conference yesterday, Disney Parks & Resorts chief Tom Staggs talked about MyMagic+ and shared some of its details with the technology loving audience.

Realizing that more of their guests were arriving with smartphones and tablets in hand and expecting access to more information, Disney started the MyMagic+ initiative a few years ago. The overarching goal of MyMagic+ is to provide a much more personalized vacation, even down to characters knowing your name. Staggs gave the example of a little girl being greeted by one of the Disney princesses by first name.

“People want to share more and more, and especially when they’re in a Disney Parks environment,” Staggs said. “The more that their visit can seem personalized, the better.”

But he reiterated that many of these personalized features are all opt-in services for those worried about this Big Brother-type behavior.