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Early Season 3 Once Upon a Time Casting Change

The season finale of Once Upon a Time was just this last Sunday, and we already have some news on the cast. It even answers the question of where Red/Ruby was during the group scenes Sunday night.

It seems that Meghan Ory will not be part of the main credits cast this next year. She has landed a part of the new CBS show Intelligence according to TV Guide. There, she will be co-starring with Lost alum Josh Holloway and CSI alum Marg Helgenberger.

Somehow, I missed that bit of casting news when I was looking at the news shows for next season. While it does explain the mystery of where her character has been, I’m sad to see her go. I loved the character and how she interacted with the rest of the cast.

It certainly does sound like this is a very amicable parting, so I’m sure the door is open to her returning in the future. I hope that gets worked out.

Granted, I do get what the writers are going through. They are writing a novel for us one page at a time, and at times you get an idea that means you shoot off in a direction you never intended to go. They don’t get a chance to revise since by the time an idea takes hold, they’ve gotten some other episodes already written for us to watch. From what I read during the season and in the article I linked up, my theory is the writers fell in love with Hook and figured him more into the storyline, even introducing Neverland to the mix in the season finale. It might explain why they also dropped the story with King George and he desire to get revenge on Prince Charming aka David. I’d be very curious to see where exactly they thought they were going when the season started.

And this isn’t the first time a main cast member has been downgraded on the show. Raphael Sbarge’s Dr. Hopper was a main cast member in season one but just a guest star in season two. He still showed up quite a bit, so it’s not to say we will never see Ruby again. It will just depend much more on Meghan’s availability.

Then again, with almost all the main characters leaving Storybrooke in the finale, how much time would we be spending there next season anyway?

Thoughts on the news?