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Early Season 3 Once Upon a Time Casting Change

The season finale of Once Upon a Time was just this last Sunday, and we already have some news on the cast. It even answers the question of where Red/Ruby was during the group scenes Sunday night.

It seems that Meghan Ory will not be part of the main credits cast this next year. She has landed a part of the new CBS show Intelligence according to TV Guide. There, she will be co-starring with Lost alum Josh Holloway and CSI alum Marg Helgenberger.

Somehow, I missed that bit of casting news when I was looking at the news shows for next season. While it does explain the mystery of where her character has been, I’m sad to see her go. I loved the character and how she interacted with the rest of the cast.

It certainly does sound like this is a very amicable parting, so I’m sure the door is open to her returning in the future. I hope that gets worked out.

Granted, I do get what the writers are going through. They are writing a novel for us one page at a time, and at times you get an idea that means you shoot off in a direction you never intended to go. They don’t get a chance to revise since by the time an idea takes hold, they’ve gotten some other episodes already written for us to watch. From what I read during the season and in the article I linked up, my theory is the writers fell in love with Hook and figured him more into the storyline, even introducing Neverland to the mix in the season finale. It might explain why they also dropped the story with King George and he desire to get revenge on Prince Charming aka David. I’d be very curious to see where exactly they thought they were going when the season started.

And this isn’t the first time a main cast member has been downgraded on the show. Raphael Sbarge’s Dr. Hopper was a main cast member in season one but just a guest star in season two. He still showed up quite a bit, so it’s not to say we will never see Ruby again. It will just depend much more on Meghan’s availability.

Then again, with almost all the main characters leaving Storybrooke in the finale, how much time would we be spending there next season anyway?

Thoughts on the news?


16 thoughts on “Early Season 3 Once Upon a Time Casting Change”

  1. As far as characters being left behing in Storybrook, that also includes such minor/recurring characters as Grumpy and the Dwarfs, Granny, Geppetto and Pinocchio, Belle, The Blue Fairy, King George, Cinderella (who we never saw in S2) and a number of other one-shot characters. They did set up a storyline for Storybrook where Tamara and Greg’s mysterious “Organization” would be searching for the town and Belle would be hiding it with Gold’s magic. So we’ll probably check in on them from time to time. But it looks like the bulk of early season focus will be in Neverland.

    1. Of those, only Belle is a main cast member. The rest are always guest stars when they show up. And the article I linked to says the Blue Fairy has found a spot on Bates Motel. On the other hand, of the people now in Neverland, only Hook isn’t one of the “main” cast.

      We could see the dueling storylines next season, but my gut is telling me we’ll stick to Neverland for a while at least. And my gut says we won’t see Neal until at least a third of the way into the season. I could easily be wrong. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. I’m thinking it will be a lot like the early part of third season of “Lost,” where certain episodes were set on the other Island where Jack, Kate and Swayer were being held captive, and certain episodes were held on the Main Island where the rest of Oceanic 815 surviors remained. It would certainly be interesting to see some episodes in Neverland, some in Storybrooke and some in the Enchanted Forest with Neal. Prsonally, I am VERY excited about the direction they took they show in, and I can’t wait to see what happeneds. I get the feeling that every season is just going to be better and better!

    1. Honestly, I wasn’t that big a fan of those episodes. They did a bit of that this season when Snow and Emma were in Enchanted Forest. Hopefully that’s not the direction they go, but we shall see.

      As I was just saying above, I don’t think we’ll see Neal any time soon next season. If/when he does pop up, it will be where the rest of the characters are. Just my gut; I’m basing that on nothing official at all.

      1. I feel like they might do a Hook/Regina romance. Hook didn’t want any part of torturing Regina when she was captured so I feel it’s possible. Hook’s character is one of my favorites because he’s so unpredictable. He’s an opportunist that switches sides when it’s in his best interest. Yet he still surprises you with double double crosses.

      2. Hook/Regina? That thought had occurred to me? I’m not sure I see it, at least right now. But I’m sure the writers could make me believe it if they wrote it right.

  3. I love the once upon a time series and im excited for the new spin-off and this coming season. But im not sure how i feel about them making Peter Pan bad, at least that’s where it seems like their heading with the dark shadow and mean lost boys. i think they have done a lot of fun things when messing with the original stories to make everyones stories come together some way, but changing the personality and character of peter pan to bad, i dont know if im going to agree with that change. hes a character that has always brought wonder, hope and fun to others not the complete opposite of being feared by everyone, stealing kids and wanting to kill like it sound he wants to do to henry. making peter pan evil just seems wrong because his story is so fun. i dont know, what do you think?

    1. I was excited when they changed peter pan to be evil. wow what a twist. Now if we see the past in Neverland it may be hook fighting Pan and his boys to defend themselves and maybe even some of the kidnapped children. Hopefully Neverland’s past will be mostly from hook’s point of view and he won’t be a baby killer. Also I hope to see a season 3 romance between Hook and Emma. As for Henry Peter Pan will use him rumple’s powers, he’ll kidnap him wait for rescue party then tell rumple if he doesn’t give away his powers Henry will die, but he didn’t expect hook. that’s just my thoughts on an evil Peter Pan and what I hope happens on the Neverland side of the story. Hopefully this next season they go back to the idea of quality in storytelling not quantity they seemed to have forgotten that in season 2.

      1. sorry I had pc problems I will write the last part again. here is what I hope happens in regard to henry being kidnapped by peter Pan. I think peter plans to wait for Henry’s rescue team then tell Rumple that if he doesn’t give his powers to him he will kill Henry. but hook will be there and Peter did not expect that. once again I hope they remember quality this year and don’t give a bunch of choppy stories that end in the middle.

      2. And that could certainly be how Henry is Gold’s undoing. But would Hook really give up his chance to take Gold down a peg or two?

        Interesting theory, but we’ll see what happens.

      1. There’s a dark adult version of Peter Pan in comic form. Google Pan and Grimms fairy tale and read the comic vine article on the character. Seems like the writers are going with a similar story. Either way, it should be interesting to see their twist.

  4. I won’t watch it if it doesn’t have the old cast in it I just won’t I need Emma and Henry and Regina and Rumple

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