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The Happiest Rubber Duck Race on Earth Raises Money for Children


While no where near as physically exhausting as the Canoe boat races, the ‘it’s a small world’ rubber duck race has gained its own cast member allure in the 5 years its been running. Cast members sponsor and decorate their ducks and then race them for a good cause.

The event takes place early in the morning while the park is still closed to guests. The 2013 edition raised more than $1800 for Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire. The winning ‘duck design’ is a very impressive take on Maleficent dragon.

Check out the ‘action cam’ footage. Gives a whole new perspective on the classic World’s Fair attraction:

I love these sorts of events. When I lived in Southern California I was able to participate in a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon (rode it 16 times in a row), some trivia nights, and other cool events for cast members and their friends.

My question today is should Disney hold similar fundraiser events for the annual passholder crowd or should it continue as something limited to cast members?

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