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Viva La Musica – SeaWorld Orlando’s Latin Festival


I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the first Saturday for SeaWorld Orlando’s 2013 version of Viva La Musica, their Latin music festival. We encountered a legion of Daddy Yankee fans, some amazing food, great salsa music, and plenty of opportunities to mingle with exotic animals.

There are still 3 days left to enjoy the festival which will feature music from:

  • Saturday, April 20 – Willie Colón (salsa)
  • Saturday, April 27 – Grupománia (merengue)
  • Saturday, May 4 – El Gran Combo (salsa)

Plus there is amazing food from Chef Hector Colon who has cooked up traditional Latin favorites like arroz con pollo, mofongo con carne frita, alcapurrias and bacalaítos. The pork and chicken skewers we had were wonderful and the skirt stake with chimichurri cause was also amazing. Be sure to try the yucca fries too.

I found the whole festival to be a ton of fun and will definitely return when I get the chance.

Will you be visiting SeaWorld on your next trip to Orlando?

[Note: I’ve decided to return to posting Orlando theme park news to The Disney Blog instead of I will continue to publish entertainment and themepark news on, but I think there’s a strong argument for keeping readers of this blog informed about goings on around Orlando.]