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Hollywood and Twitter Reacts to Annette Funicello’s Death


As you might expect for a Disney Legend and real sweetheart like Annette Funicello, there has been an outpouring of emotion for her online. Here are a few of the many comments made today:


The voice of Pumba


Annette had a very wide influence to be certain:


If I missed any, which I am sure I have, please add a link in the comments and if they’re verified twitter members, I’ll link them here.

Update: Here are a few more…

Previously: Our remembrance of Annette Funicello including quotes from Diane Disney Miller, Bob Iger, and more.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood and Twitter Reacts to Annette Funicello’s Death”

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  2. I am one of her original devoted fans from the 50’s and 60’s. I recall that whenever I had a bad day in school, I would go straight to my Annette records and scrapbooks. She soothed me the minute I put the record on the spindle. I grew up, but Annette even went with me to my job. At the Veterna’s Administration in Long Beach, I have mounted pictures of her for 35 years. People used to ask “Why Annette?”, but they don’t anymore. When she passed, I did not cry. It was only when I’d see disturbing images of her confined to a bed by the ravages of M.S. that I’d cry. I now can give a sigh of relief knowing she is no longer suffering. I don’t seee death as some might. I also will continue to dedicate my facebook page titled Annette and Teen Idols, that I’ve had since 2011. For me it’s a daily endeavor and a true labor of love.

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