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Man Wins Lawsuit over Small World Breakdown

Remember that story about the man suing Disney for leaving him stuck on the classic “it’s a small world” boat ride for 40 minutes while the music played? The court has ruled in his favor for $8000.

Jose Martinez, who is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, filed a lawsuit after he claimed Disneyland employees evacuated his boat, but left him on it to endure 40 minute of repetitive torture listening to the song. Martinez’s lawyer claimed that Disney employees should have called the fire department to assist in the evacuation but they failed in that duty. He also claimed that disabled passengers weren’t warned before boarding that they could become trapped if the attraction broke down. The judge agreed with both assertions.

According to Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown appropriate assistance was provided during the incident, and the park is disappointed that the court did not fully agree. But no word if an appeal is planned.

It sounds like a lot of things went wrong that day. In the scheme of global wrongs getting stuck on it’s a small world for 40 minutes is a minor one. But when you add in Mr. Martinez’s disabilities it’s clear that Disney’s reaction to the situation wasn’t adequate.

(via SF Gate)