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Rapunzel & Cinderella Visit Fantasy Faire

March 12th has been announced as the official opening date for Fantasy Faire, the princess meet and greet expansion of Disneyland’s Fantasyland. Two of Disney’s princesses just couldn’t wait and stopped by for a visit and a photo shoot.



I love the detail you see behind Rapunzel and Cinderella. It’s obviously the Imagineers have put a lot of special touches into the area in an effort to make it more than just a meet and greet location. Here’s a little video of them installing some of the great details:

The former Carnation Gardens location looks good, but it sounds like swing dancing might be not be returning as Disney attempts to find that crew a permanent home in Downtown Disney. Would you be happy with that result or should Disney try and shoe-horn big band into the fantasy faire?

1 thought on “Rapunzel & Cinderella Visit Fantasy Faire”

  1. Why not put them at thunder ranch at night? It’s. nice big area! That way people in the park can still enjoy it?

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