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Boy Band Barbershop Mania Invades Disney Parks For Limited Time Magic

Limited Time Magic

Yes, it’s finally here. The one week of Limited Time Magic we’ve all been waiting for; Disneyland and Disney World have finally unleashed the mighty vocal stylings of the Dapper Dans to re-invent the most mighty of harmonious sounds – the boy band. From Feb. 25 – March 3 the Dapper Dans — The “Original” Boy Band — will rock out on Main Street USA with boy band hits in barbershop style, featuring songs by Backstreet Boys, N-Sync and One Direction.

Here’s a special preview:

Ok. While my tongue may have been a bit in cheek up above, I have been looking forward to this bit. But I think that owes more to my previous experience singing 4 part harmony and an appreciation of the Dapper Dans in whatever they do. Disney parks are known for special entertainment touches and the Dans are perhaps the best known of them. This promotion gives them the chance to stretch their wings, which is a good thing.

What’s not a good thing is that we’re still not seeing any thing really ‘magical’ for Limited Time Magic out here on the east coast. And since Disney refuses to release a schedule of the promotions ahead of time, we also have no way of knowing if anything really cool is coming up. And so, we’re left to wonder, and hope, that there will soon be something amazing.

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