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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Hints from Game Creator

I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the game, but just that with shorter off-season hours, I don’t get to the property as much and when I do, I have other things to do when I am there (EPCOT’s 30th took a big chunk of my energy and time for one). I’m also a little disappointed that the game really hasn’t evolved any from its debut. No new portals, no new villains, and only two new spell cards. Plus there was the whole 61-70 card money grab by merchandising. The whole project started to stink a bit.

That said, I do intend to get back in the game and also to see if I can re-interest my son in playing again as well. If you’re still involved, or hoping to get involved in SotMK, then you’ll be interested in some inside tips shared with the Disney Parks blog by Imagineer and game creator Jonathan Ackley.

  • Pay attention to spell choice – Spell choice is key in the game’s advanced level. Villains may be susceptible or resistant to certain spell types, which are: Gross, Charming, Strong, Flying, Wishful, Quick and Energy.
  • Villains can react differently to the same spell – When you cast a spell on a villain that is resistant to that type of spell, the spell casts at one level below your current power for that spell. If the villain is weak to the spell, the spell casts at one power level higher than your spell’s current power.
  • You can cast more than one spell at a time – When used correctly, simultaneously cast spells can “boost” each other, making all the spells hit with greater power. When used incorrectly, simultaneously cast spells can reduce their overall effectiveness.
  • You can make a spell stronger – Note that the more you cast a spell, the more powerful that spell becomes.
  • It’s also possible to deplete a spell’s power – Repeated use of a spell during a single battle depletes the spell of its potency, so when facing a villain it’s best to use at least three different cards of the correct type for that villain. Spell power regenerates between battles, so the loss isn’t permanent.
  • The better the performance, the better the “grade” – At the end of a full game, you’re graded at Bronze, Silver or Gold Sorcerers Level. The more battles you win, the closer you’ll be to earning a gold (and vice versa). Achieving Gold status gets increasingly difficult as you go to medium and hard levels.

I had no idea there were different colors of awards at the end of each level. Disney should figure out some way players can log in and check their history and judge their play against optimum strategy and other players. There’s an element of gamification that Disney is missing out on here.

Have you tried any of these? How did they work for you? Perhaps more importantly, how would you like to see the game improved?

4 thoughts on “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Hints from Game Creator”

  1. I’d play the game if I had more time but even on a crowd level 1 day there was still quite a line at the portals and since I only had 1 day at MK I had a lot of other stuff I wanted to do

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  3. One thing that would really help is when a portal goes down I have to walk all the way to one of the card stations to report it and get my game reset. This happens on a regular basis. Maybe a way to text the problem in and when I get close to a card station I could then get reset.

    I played a lot last year, like 250 days! It seems that when you run through that many games your cache gets clogged so it takes over 30 seconds for the lizard portal to open after swiping your card, the game “forgets” to tell you where your next portal is. I see this with people that play more than about 30 times, getting “reborn” works. Get a new AP and start the game from scratch. Suddenly there are no more lags and forgets.

    This has been constant from 4/12 onward and leads to no end of frustration and slows the play considerably. Seems no further development or code maintainence has been done. Maybe the resources were shifted to the new Pirates game?

  4. I enjoyed playing SotMK very much when I was there last August. I would love to see more portals, especially in new Fantasyland and Tommorrowland. I would think Disney would add portals to the resorts or a spin off game there for people to enjoy. Although the resorts have excellent themes and some have character dining, having SofMK to play would be a way for guests to feel as if they were still at the Parks.


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