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A Visit to Splitsville for Dinner

Editor: Please welcome new guest author Paula Garcia!

My husband, 5 year old daughter and I recently visited Orlando. We arrived on New Year’s day settled in to our hotel. It was a nice night out and we were starving so we decided to take a walk to Downtown Disney and find a restaurant there. There were so many people it was difficult to walk around much less find a table at any of the restaurants.

We didn’t give up and kept walking all the way down to about the end of Downtown. Just when we were about to walk back to our hotel my husband walked into Splitsville Lanes and to our surprise they had open tables with no wait.

Although there were many people inside, I didn’t get an over crowded, claustrophobic feeling. We were greeted by a young lady and taken up the escalator to our table. We sat down and were handed our menus. My daughter received her own kid’s menu and some crayons. As a mom I really appreciate this. It took a little while before our order was taken. Many people were being seated in our area at the same time. Our server was right on top of it he was very attentive, fast, kind and apologetic about the delay.

Looking over the menu it was definitely not something I expected. It is not the typical “bowling alley food”. I decided to order some sushi and a Cheeseburger Deluxe. My husband and daughter split a pizza. She had half cheese and he had half Firehouse they also ordered some Loaded Fries.

The food came rather quickly which was great. My sushi (Spicy Tuna roll) and the Loaded Fries came out first. My daughter is a very picky eater and to my surprise she loved the Loaded Fries. I don’t usually go for that but since both of them were enjoying them so much I decided to try them. They were delicious. As was my sushi.

The half Firehouse, half cheese pizza and my Cheeseburger Deluxe came out next. My burger was perfect. It was a pretty thick patty with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and pickles over all it looked good and tasted even better.

The pizza on the other hand wasn’t a big hit. My husband was really looking forward to it and neither he nor my little one liked the pizza much at all. To their credit we are from Chicago, so I’m sure they were comparing the pies to what we are use to back home.

Bottom line even with the pizza miss, we really enjoyed this place. The atmosphere is great, the service is excellent. Not what you would expect from a bowling alley. This place joins the restaurant, bowling alley concept perfectly. You can simply go and eat with a view of other bowlers, or bowl and eat. I found that Splitsville has a moderate price range. It is more than I would pay for food while out bowling, but the food is good and you are partly paying for the experience.