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Live Tweet Disney Classics with me!

I have been writing for The Disney Blog for almost a year and a half now, and I loved every minute of it. Getting to speak my opinions and report on the stuff I love while conversing with other Disney fans in the comments has been a dream come true… but I want more (if you imagined Ariel singing as you read that last line… let’s be friends). I always wanted to be more active with the readers, and this year, I plan to!

Starting on Friday, January 18th, I will start “TDB Live Tweets Disney Classics”! Now, let me explain. Yesterday I watched Cinderella on Blu-Ray for the first time in a while and decided to tweet about it using the hashtag #MarshalLiveTweetsCinderella. I wrote some jokes, commented on things I liked or disliked about the film, and overall had a great time. I thought, why not bring in The Disney Blog community and make this a monthly thing!

Here is the plan. Once a month I will pick a Friday night and we will have a late-night movie party. You will choose which of two Disney films you want to watch in the comments (I will have a choice of two, most comments gets to be viewed), then we will all start our DVD players at the exact same time. From there we will all use the same hashtag to chat and joke about the movie we are watching (For example, if we were to watch Tangled, we would use the hastag #TangledLive) so we can see everyone’s posts, whether or not we follow them. If you find someone’s tweet funny or agree with their opinion, don’t be afraid to follow them! From there, I will choose one tweet every week that I find hilarious, and they will be given the task to choose the two movies that could be watched the next month.

I thought we could have a ton of fun doing this, all chatting Disney, maybe getting a few more followers on Twitter, bringing everyone in the Disney fan community together to watch one film… I am ready to have a blast!

So, our first two films up for watching will be…

The Little Mermaid or The Princess and the Frog!

Now, your job is to leave a comment below stating the title of the film you would rather watch. Voting will end Midnight on Friday, January 11th and I will announce the winner. That gives you about a week to download the film on your Kindle, rent the film from Netflix, or purchase the Blu-ray. Then, on January 18th at 9pm EST, we will all start our film and tweet it up! I will be reading all of them, determining a favorite, then picking them as that week’s “TDB’s Master Tweeter” for the month, where they will get to choose the next two movies that will be voted on. They will also get to pick a character to be in our logo for the month (Notice how for January, since it is the inaugural tweet session, I have chosen my favorite Disney character, Meg from Hercules!)

Have any suggestions about our Disney Classic Live Tweeting nights? Anything you are confused about? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to get your vote in before midnight on January 11th! Also, follow me on twitter @Marshal_Knight (also in my bio) for the latest updates on our Live Tweeting! I am really excited about this, so let’s have a big turnout for our premiere tweeting night! Until then…Have a Magical Day!

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