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Disneyland 3D Modeling Project

Disneyland fan & 3D modeler Miles Wilhelm is in the middle of a big project. He wants to render the entirety of the park in 3D computer graphics. As you can imagine, there is a lot of detail to get right when replicating a Disney theme park, so he’s taken on quite a challenge.

Wilhelm recently updated his version of Sleeping Beauty Castle and I have to say he’s off to a good start:

Some other attractions in progress on Wilhelm’s flickr page include: Peter Pan’s Flight, the Mark Twain, the Haunted Mansion (nearly complete), and the Main Street train station. Hopefully 3D modelers like Wilhelm will release these via open source in the future so we can all enjoy their work in virtual reality hangouts.

I hope to see more from Wilhelm soon, how about you?

4 thoughts on “Disneyland 3D Modeling Project”

    1. I am connecting with someone in Central Oregon that owns a 3D printer and I plan to print the castle in several pieces so that I can have a decent sized model when the pieces are connected together.

  1. Thanks for the post John. I have been working on this for a few years based off of front elevations blueprints I acquired. The drawbridge works and I am currently working on the backside and figuring out how the castle walls interact with the shops and the Fantasyland dark rides. The end goal is to build out the entire park in 3D so that a user can ‘tour’ it virtually, similar to what you can find for Disneyland Paris on Google Earth, except with more detail.

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