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New Seven Dwarfs Murals in New Fantasyland

Dwarfs MIne Train

All that remains to open in New Fantasyland is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and that won’t happen until 2014 sometime. But the rest of the land is officially opening this week. The walls surrounding the roller coaster construction recently received a small upgrade to prepare for the media who will soon be swarming over Fantasyland and Storybook Circus.

Part of the upgrade a new murals depicting the seven dwarfs involved in activities related to the attraction they’re directly across from. See if you can guess where each of the murals is located. There was also a ‘sneak peek’ mural where you could look through and see on-going construction. Alas, it was covered with a board, so we couldn’t really see anything on our visit. Finally, there’s a large mural that features some of the concept art for the mine train ride.

Very inventive presentation!