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Hong Kong Disneyland Finally Showing A Profit

HKDL SculptureAccording to a source in the Wall Street Journal, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is finally starting to operate in the black. The seven year old park has struggled attracting an audience due to its lack of attractions and aggressive competition from Ocean Park.

Hong Kong Disneyland has been expanding its offerings, building three mini-lands, and has decided to focus on luring more big-spending visitors from mainland China with a huge public-relations campaign. Additionally, the Disney company is continuing on its path of increasing awareness of the Disney brand by showing more television shows in the country.

The story in the WSJ says all this has resulted in increased attendance with the park recording 5.94 million visitors in the year to September 2011 from 4.5 million in 2008.

If this profitability trend continues, not a guarantee when Shanghai Disneyland opens, look for Hong Kong Disneyland to build more hotels first, but the long term plan is to open a second gate at the property.

Have you every visited Hong Kong Disneyland? How do you think it compares to the other Disney theme parks?