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New Facade for EPCOT’s Test Track

When Test Track officially re-open in December it will have a new story, a new sponsor (Chevrolet), and a new look to go with it. Disney has just released an artist rendering of how that new look will makeover the exterior of the building at EPCOT. Guests will actually be able to see the new facade as soon as this week as construction on the exterior progresses.

As you can see, the old test-dummy yellow-and-black scheme is gone and a new sleek, blue design now dominates. Look closely at the scrim and you’ll see some of the new icons that have been designed for the attraction (and perhaps a few tributes hidden in there too).

I never saw World of Motion, but have always enjoyed Test Track. The attraction definitely needed to be brought current with the latest in automotive design and I can’t wait to see how Imagineering achieves that goal. Keep in mind, the track layout is the same only the sets and ride vehicles have changed.

1 thought on “New Facade for EPCOT’s Test Track”

  1. That’s the new Test Track? It looks so…sterile. More like something you’d see at a car dealership than a theme park.

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