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Zebra Pack Returns to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari

plains zebra at kilimanjaro safari

Zebras are back in Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Plains Zebra were removed from the main savannah a few months ago and left to roam on one of the backstage areas (you could sometime see them in the distance on the attraction). There new home is in the final scene of the safari, approximately where the poachers opened fire on you before and you zoomed through the geysers. That storyline is long gone and I’m curious how they’re working the new area and its striped inhabitants into the spiel. I’ll try and check it out this weekend.

(Photo courtesy Disney. Gene Duncan, photographer)

2 thoughts on “Zebra Pack Returns to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari”

  1. Rode the jeeps twice last year and again this March. Never did see any Zebras :-( Did notice the theme had changed.
    I am disappointed with no zebras.

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