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Iron Man 3 Trailer

Also viewable on Apple’s trailer site. That’s the UK trailer above, which has April 2013 as the opening date, the US trailer maintains it will have a May 2013 opening. Sooner is better in my book.

My initial thoughts are that Tony Stark is pulling a bit of a Bruce Wayne here. You can only be a hero for so long before PTSD rears its ugly head and demands that you deal with it. There are some obvious visual metaphors in the trailer too. That said, I’m all on board for a slightly darker Iron Man movie. But at the same time, this looks like it will be the most cartoony of the movies too with a real comic book villain.

Btw, Hollywood set designers who create these marvelous sets for Iron Man only to have them blown up must be a special breed.

What are your thoughts now that you’ve seen the trailer?

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