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Belle’s Village Details – New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal

Belle's Village Gaston Statue

Gaston’s Statue fills up the square with his magnificence, even at night.

One of the things that impressed me about Belle’s Village in New Fantasyland is how the details work to make you feel like you’ve actually stepped into the movie. From boxes of books left on the bookstore’s backdoor to a water fountain disguised as a water pump, it all works together to build a convincing illusion.

There are more details than I could possibly include in an update, but here are 10 that really stood out to me as I toured the land.

Thanks for taking the tour with me. I hope to have more from New Fantasyland for you soon.

2 thoughts on “Belle’s Village Details – New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal”

  1. Question. I’ve heard it referred to as “Belle’s Village” and “Gaston’s Village”. Does anyone know what the official name is?

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