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This Frankenweenie Premiere Post is Black and White and Read All Over

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Frankenweenie 3D

I wore new shoes down the white carpet layered like so much cotton upon Hollywood Boulevard because I refused to be the one responsible for soiling Tim Burton’s night. Everybody knows that new shoes don’t scuff. Look it up. Besides, there were plenty of dogs sniffing around (mostly alive from what I could tell), and I figured one of them would take the honors. It never happened. Not a single stain. That, my friends, is Disney magic.

It was the premiere of Tim Burton’s latest Disney feature, Frankenweenie, held at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre, and the night was spotless (although I did get some cupcake leavings on my freshly pressed pantsuit).

The premiere was a black and white affair, followed by a private party that was partially in color. Both were filled with the stars from the film, including Tim Burton:

And all of these people:

Frankenweenie premiere

My favorite photo from the night was one where I posed with Mr. Danny Elfman, and it is a terrible shot of me, perhaps the worst ever (see, forehead and weird collar) but how could I not post it?

Danny Elfman and Whit HoneaRight?

I will review the film later (it is under embargo), but I thought you might enjoy a bit about the party. Namely, it was filled with all of the celebrities above, plus Rufus Wainwright, Deep Roy, and Elvira.

Speaking of Elvira, here’s the night in a nutshell: Don Hahn, who is the most regular guy you could ever meet, and I were discussing the Frankenweenie exhibit running at Disney California Adventure while we both waited to meet the “Mistress of the Dark” — she was about a foot away talking with Martin Landau, and we were both approached by Jared of Subway fame for a photo op. Well, Don was approached, so I approached the open bar, and had to excuse myself by Tom Kenny to get there. It was like that.

Also, of note, in addition to the aforementioned cupcakes and assorted treats, the rest of the food was weenie-centric, and despite my being a vegetarian I had to applaud the commitment to theme. I ate a bun.

Later, I was standing on the patio talking to some friends when Tim Burton walked out. He had a corn dog in each hand and a smile on his face. He waved goodbye and disappeared into the night, cloaked in the sounds of a happy man’s laughter. My guess is he took the escalator.

We left a few minutes later.

Follow Frankenweenie on Facebook and see it in theaters on October 5, 2012.

I attended the premiere of Frankenweenie and the subsequent after-party as a guest of Disney. Photos courtesy of Disney except for photo of Danny Elfman and Whit Honea courtesy of Charlie Capen (visit his site for a much better picture of him and Elvira).



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