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Video of Final Flight of Space Shuttle Endeavour Soaring over Walt Disney World

A bit of history was made in Central Florida today. The Space Shuttle Endeavour launched from the Space Coast one last time. Although it was perched aboard a specially built NASA 747, it looked just as majestic and inspiring as it always has. Before heading off to its home in the California Science Center in Los Angeles, the tandem took a few minutes to do some low altitude flyovers of some Central Florida landmarks. Of course, Walt Disney World had to be on that list:

As someone who grew up with the Space Shuttle being the only form of space transit for NASA, this moment was soggy with nostalgia to say the least. Walt Disney himself was a big believer in the importance of a strong space mission, so it is nice to see NASA pay a tribute to its central Florida neighbor. Do you have any fond memories of the program?