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Disney Blog Roundup

Long time readers of the blog will remember the regular Disney Blog news roundup feature. We took some time every week to share some of the best writing from across the Disney blogosphere with a wider audience. We’ll we’re bringing it back, at least as a test. Please let us know what you think:

Shane at the always excellent Parkeology makes an astute and humorous observation about literacy rates on Spaceship Earth.

Imagineer 2017 takes on the complaints over Enchanted Tales With Belle which has been soft opening in New Fantasyland and is now down for retooling.

The Disney Hipsters blog is one of my new favorites. I enjoyed their recent rundown of a brief history of Baroque Hoedown, who knew the composers were such bad asses!

Disney is in the news again for their copyright minimalist attitude. Techdirt is the place to go for coverage.

Finally, if you’re heading out to MNSSHP this year, Shelley has some very useful tips!

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