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Enchanted Tales With Belle In Limited Soft Opening

When the original Fantasyland Expansion was announced it was going to have not one, not two, but three next-generation princess encounters. Guests wouldn’t just line up to get a photo with their favorite Disney princess, they would enter their world and participate in the story in some way. When the decision was made to add a coaster to the mix, two of those encounters went away.

The one encounter that’s left is the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction. It takes place in Maurice’s Cottage, which sits in a lovely wooded setting, just like in Beauty and the Beast. Guests enter Maurice’s cottage and see some special family mementos, then enter the work shop where a magical moment happens. (I don’t want to give too much away. If you want to see it, there are a couple of walk-throughs on YouTube.)

At the end of last week, the Magic Kingdom started offering limited testing of the attraction. Guests are taken behind the construction walls in small groups and then allowed to enter Maurice’s cottage. I have yet to make it myself, but on Sept 8th Duy Truong (friend of The Disney Blog) was invited.

If you remember, Truong is the artist responsible for his own series of Dream Portraits. You can find a few of them on his Facebook page. Truong turned his lens toward the beautiful setting created for the attraction and sent me these six photos to share.

Thanks Duy! Those are awesome. I can’t wait to get there myself now.

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  1. Thanks for all of your info on the new Fantasyland! In your experience, what are the odds that Ariel’s ride and Enchanted Tales With Belle will not be in “limited soft openings” before the 19th. I am there from Nov 3-10. Any way that more will be able to ride/view?

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