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New Fantasyland Minisite Hides Mystery

New Fantasyland Website

Walt Disney World is attempting to drive up a little virtual excitement for New Fantasyland via a new micro-site. The site claims there is a curse preventing all the information about the new land from being revealed and a hero is needed to remove the curse. How easy it is to be a a hero? Just sign up with your email to be notified when the curse is lifted. They’ve even made this cute little trailer:

Previews of New Fantasyland have been announced for November 19th. Already much of Storybook Circus is open and Enchanted Storytime with Belle is in limited previews. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is not set to open until late 2013, but other than that, it looks like the rest of the expansion will be open by end of 2012.

What part of the Fantasyland Expansion are you looking forward to most?

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