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Disney Settles With Family Whose 9-year old Boy Died in Accident with Disney Bus

Disney Bus at WDW

The family of the 9-year old boy who died after riding his bike off the sidewalk and into the side of a Disney transport bus near Fort Wilderness has reached a settlement with Disney that will keep this case out of the courts. Disney’s spokesperson would not reveal the details of the settlement.

The child was riding his bike unsupervised along a sidewalk when he swerved into the road and hit the side of a passing Disney bus. He was knocked down and then run over by the rear wheels of the bus. The driver of the bus, a cast member with 30 years of experience at the resort, was not cited by the Highway Patrol. However, the family claimed that Disney maintained an unsafe environment with buses passing so close to a sidewalk used by bicyclists in the Fort Wilderness area.

This accident came in the middle of a string of Walt Disney World Transportation related incidents causing many in the community, this blog included, to question whether Disney was adequately training the staff and maintaining its equipment. It’s now been many months without any serious incidents making the news. Either Disney has stepped up their game or the previous run was a statistical fluke. Either way, that’s a good result for Disney and it’s guests.

How safe do you feel when using Walt Disney World transportation?

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Photo courtesy Wikipedia CC License.