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Videopolis: Touch The Sky from Pixar’s Brave

Video Screenshot

It’s been a while since we dipped into some of the talent that appears on YouTube with our Videopolis series. I think we’ve found a very suitable entry to help bring back the series. Meet Trisha Laya, aka Shathree. She’s a talented young musician from the Philippines, a world traveler, and a Disney fan.

While Pixar’s Brave was not an animated musical, there is no denying how central the music was to properly setting the story. The Julie Fowlis song “Touch They Sky” helped establish Merida as free spirit reaching to break the mold of the typical princess. Shathree’s impressive cover of “Touch The Sky” features herself playing all the instruments and all the vocals assembled together in a multi-track video.

(Note: There’s a little excerpt from Laya’s UK vacation at the end of the video. If you want to skip that I don’t think she’ll mind.)

Hope you liked it. As always, please don’t hesitate to send any tips or finds you think would be great to have featured in future Videopolis segments.