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Disney Studios Involved in Chromium 6 Contamination

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank has long been suspected being a source of contaminated ground water with Chromium 6 and now the controversy is being stirred again. Chromium 6 is a known cancer causing heavy-metal used by air-conditioning systems to prevent corrosion.

The Studios neighbors filed suit over the contamination coming from the studios 1930’s era air-conditioning system in 2006, however Disney got that suit thrown out. Then in 2009 more investigations began and are now coming to a head, according to the LA Times.

The Disney site has recently come under scrutiny by state and federal officials as part of a broader investigation into groundwater contamination, records show. Citing community concerns about contamination, the California Department of Public Health in 2010 tested soil in a nearby park that historically had received discharges of water from Disney’s cooling system and found Chromium 6.

Thankfully, the levels were not found to be at a level that risks public health or safety. Disney must now submit a plan to test and monitor for contamination. We will monitor this story as well.


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