Director Gary Ross moves from Hunger Games to Peter Pan

I’ve been a fan of director Gary Ross’ work since his directorial debut in Pleasantville (about a brother and sister transported to a television world of black and white and a powerful metaphor for discrimination in America). Ross started out as a writer and he brings a powerful sense of story to every film he directs.

His most recent project, you may have heard about it, was the film adaption of “The Hunger Games.” But Ross is leaving that series to come work on the Disney movie adaption of “Peter and the Starcatchers.” The book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson tells the backstory of Peter Pan and functions as a prequel to the Peter Pan stories. It’s already been adapted for the stage and is a success on Broadway having just won 5 Tony Awards.

Ross’ considerable talents should be able to take this fable and bring it to audiences in a way that evokes the traditional Disney story where both adults and children are entertained. I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Director Gary Ross moves from Hunger Games to Peter Pan”

  1. I’ve read the series. They are wonderful, full of adventure and fun. Can’t wait to see it adapted to the screen.

  2. From what I have seen of the Broadway Play I am not impressed. I have read all of the books and loved them. Everything is wrong with the play. Peter is too old. Things are too messed up and none of the fantasy and magic from the books seems to be present. I hope I don’t read that this director had never heard of or read any of the books but he will make it work. Not likely. From what I have seen lately of books made into movies, the movies have had everything that made the books great taken out and replaced with other stuff that has no relevance to the original stories. I hear The Hunger Games movies were pretty good, but having never read the books I wouldn’t know. Maybe we will get lucky and Peter and The Starcatchers will be done right, but somehow I doubt it.

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