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EPCOT Continues Adding New Dining Experiences, This Time in France

Both Mexico and Italy have seen their EPCOT World Showcase Pavilions add some amazing food and drink options over the last few years. While we can still hope that America gets a food makeover, it is good news to hear that France will be plussing their dining experience for park guests. Les Chefs De France, the main floor restaurant will remain unchanged, but the other venues are getting new options.

The fabulous Bistro De Paris, the fancy upstairs restaurant, will be closing to get a more modern, less stuffy, design. Costumes will also be reduced from Tuxedo to something less formal, but still nice. The menu will remain haute cuisine, but the mood will be more accommodating to the family experience. They’re even bringing over a new chef from France to build and prepare the menu.

Brand new to France will be a new on stage ‘show’ bakery that will supply three restaurants with delicious treats including selling its own menu. This will be located in the ‘Les Halles’ area of the pavilion, aka the movie exit. The existing bakery will remain open during construction, then close to become a Glacier, aka ice cream shop.

These all sound like exciting changes, other than an update to the Impressions De France film, what else would you like to see in the France Pavilion?

(Via Disney Parks Blog)