Hanging Out in the Magic Kingdom Photo Update

Ok. Bare with me as I try something new with the Magic Kingdom photo update. Rather than simply use a Google+ photo album, I’ve take advantage of the Google+ Hangout screenshare feature to capture a slideshow while I add a narrative over it. If you like this new format let me know and I’ll work on improving it going forward. For those who just want the photos, I still have the photo album to explore over on Google+.

Here are 34 photos from July 28th that cover New Fantasyland, Storybook Circus, Grand Floridian and more. So let’s get on with the show (view full screen for best experience):

So place your bets. When do you think Maurice’s Cottage and Storytime with Belle will open to park guests?

8 thoughts on “Hanging Out in the Magic Kingdom Photo Update”

  1. Interesting idea, but 20 minutes is a big ask – gotta say I just prefer scrolling through a photo set the old-fashioned way.

    1. Hi, this was a big update. Normally, I would split it in two. Also, I did provide a gallery option over on Google+ . Did you get a chance to see that?

      1. Oops – I missed it! I do like the Google+ slideshow format, though. (And the video version could make for good lunch-break viewing, so maybe just ignore everything I say.)

  2. I like having both, but it would be nice if you still added the captions to the gallery when I can’t use my speakers at work.

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