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Chase rolls out Disney Visa Debit Card

Disney fans who have been jealous of the perks available to Chase Disney Visa card members, but didn’t want to switch their current credit card habits to get them, may now find a reason – the Chase Disney Visa Debit Card. As a current Chase member myself, mostly to take advantage of no-fee ATMs at the parks, I know we’ll be switching to the Debit Cards.

The new Disney’s Visa Debit Card gives customers access to special Cardmember perks when visiting Walt Disney World and the Disneyland and when shopping at and Disney Store locations. Disney’s Visa Debit Card is available now and has no annual fee.

“Disney’s Visa Debit Card is perfect for fans of Disney who prefer to use a debit card for their everyday spending,” said Ryan McInerney, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking. “With no annual fee, it provides access to Cardmember perks at Disney Theme Parks and Disney Store, and offers a choice of imaginative Disney card designs.”

Disney’s Visa Debit Cardmembers will receive the following year-round perks, including:

— 10% off on select merchandise purchases of $50 or more at and Disney Store locations and at select locations at Walt Disney World(R) and the Disneyland(R) Resorts

— Access to a private Cardmember location at Walt Disney World(R) and the Disneyland(R) Resorts, where Cardmembers can meet some of their favorite Disney Characters and receive a complimentary 5 x 7 photo

— 10% off select dining locations at Walt Disney World(R) and Disneyland(R) Resorts (meal period restrictions may apply)

— 20% off the non-discounted price of select guided tours

— $50 onboard credit when Cardmembers pay for their Disney Cruise Line vacation in full with their Disney’s Visa Card and mention this offer

— Access to a dedicated toll-free customer service phone number

Visit for more details on these benefits.

I do notice there are no ‘points’ building up, but then I really don’t expect that with a Debit Card. For that you will have to get the credit card.

“We are delighted to introduce this new debit card with Chase, which offers great value and a bit of fun for Disney fans and families,” said Jenny Cohen, Senior Vice President of Customer Relationship Management for The Walt Disney Company. “Disney’s Visa(R) Debit Card enables us to better serve our customers with a choice of cards through Chase.”

Disney’s Visa Debit Cardmembers will receive the same security and safety benefits as the standard Chase Visa(R) Debit Card, including:

— Real-time fraud monitoring

— Free security alerts

— Zero liability protection

— Guaranteed reimbursement for unauthorized purchases

— Blink(TM) tap & go functionality in markets where applicable

The Disney’s Visa Debit Card is the latest addition to the suite of Disney’s Visa Cards offered by Chase. The Disney Rewards(R) Visa(R) Credit Card was introduced in 2003 and earlier this year, Chase launched Disney’s Premier Visa Credit Card from Chase. Disney’s Visa Debit Cardmembers can choose from four exclusive Character designs that offer something for all Disney fans. Chase checking account customers can switch their current Chase Debit Card to a Disney’s Visa Debit Card by visiting their local branch or calling Chase Customer Service at (800) 935-9935. Disney’s Visa Debit Card is available with all Chase checking accounts excluding High School and Access Checking. Standard eligibility requirements apply.

4 thoughts on “Chase rolls out Disney Visa Debit Card”

  1. Chase used to offer this card a few years ago that would also earn Disney Rewards…if only they still offered that option.

  2. Nice thought. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Chase Branch within 80 miles of me, excluding all of Western and Central Pennsylvania, about 2 or 3 million people.

  3. It’s really too bad that a person has to live in the U.S.A. to get this credit card. As frequent Disney parks visitor (3 times a year for 8 days at a time), I feel offended that Disney has seemed to exclude people that frequent the parks sometimes more than those in the U.S. I had no problem however, getting an Alaska Air card (American company) to travel fare free or discounted with points, so, since I can travel anywhere they fly, I think I might say adios Anaheim, and hello to many other places I am able to travel. If Visa and Disney decide to change this so that Canadians can get this card, let me know, I might be back. Otherwise I just feel like it is pushing Canadians away from Disney. If that is what they want, so be it.

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